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Church Signs

Van Winkle Sign & Display

has been operating for over thirty years,
creating quality products and offering outstanding service.
We may be able to assist with your next signage project.

Our designs range from bright contemporary to quietly dignified, and from elegant black and white to lively bursts of colour.

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Church Signs
  • Colourful artwork, beautifully proportioned, precision fabricated cabinets.
    Large changeable lettering system, complete installation, which may include: anchor bolts, posts cemented in, trenching for electrical, electrical hook-up. Pedestals, skirts, decorative castings in addition.

Church properties have specific requirements - general identification, way finding through the building(s),
office identification, memorials,
crosses, changeable directories and more. We have done it all, with style and beauty, pointing our churches boldly forward into the twenty-first century.

sign St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, Toronto Gold Leaf
    Pure gold, beaten flatter than tissue, adhered to damp varnish, gives the impression of solid gold. Used for centuries, it is still desired for the most luxurious look in a sign. Gold leaf will not tarnish and withstands practically all the elements indefinitely. A true value for the money, considering the look and benefits of GOLD!

st. michael graphic in gold leaf

Metal Sign
sign St. Lawerence The Martyr Church, Toronto
  • METAL SIGNS: With steel and antique style castings, creative signs for homes and business exteriors, either modern or traditional.

sign St. James Cathedral Church, Toronto
sign Church at the Mission, Toronto
cabinet sml Woodwork

Christ Church Deer Park, directory sign
  Holy Name Church Sign, Toronto Exterior Illuminated Signage
  • Complete manufacture and installation, including high-output ballast and low-temp fluorescent lamps. Painted faces or vinyl graphics where applicable.

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