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Bring  us your Qr-code, or let us create one for you - and we can integrate it into your sign

Van Winkle Signs

Toronto, Ontario

QR-Codes page

We are Toronto sign company serving the GTA that designs and installs signs for business and residential uses.

We also can produce QR-codes for your commercial, indoor and outdoor signage in the GTA area.  We manufacture custom signage and also supply pre-cast letters, vinyl banners, pressure-sensitive letter, short-term use signs,
vehicle graphics and much more. 

We believe that most of your needs will be met with just one call.

QR-Codes on Signs Page

qr-code sample

Quick Response (QR) Codes

What are QR Codes?

You might have noticed  images like the one on the left appearing in various places lately. On a newspaper ad, on a brochure or a sign, even belt buckles (at a wired.com page - link that's been expired) and t-shirts now.  It is known as a QR, or a "quick response" code. QR codes are a type of barcode which can be read using a smart phone's camera with the appropriate app (software) installed.

QR codes can contain different kinds of information such as web links/URLs, phone numbers, videos, others pieces of textual information, or even a combination of these. This includes a Twitter or Facebook page.

If you scan a QR code that contains a URL link and your mobile phone has internet access, you can use your phone´s browser to open the link. Alternatively you can save the information and use it later – it will at least save you having to write it down at the time. Other kinds of information can also be saved for later.

How to read QR Codes

To read QR codes, you need:

  1. A smart phone (or tablet) with a camera and an internet connection.

  2. Appropriate QR reader software.
    The software required to read QR codes is freely available for many modern makes and models. iPhone/iTouch users can download the software from the iTunes app store for free or a nominal charge. The i-nigma reader is available for over 250 handsets and can be downloaded from http://i-nigma.com/Downloadi-nigmaReader.html. Alternatively, readers are available from other sources on the web. Some phones, such as modern Nokias have the software pre-installed.

  3. Once you have the QR code reader software on your phone, you are ready to scan in and read QR codes – it is just like taking a picture on your phone.  Frame the QR code in your view finder and you will be taken to the web page or multimedia file.

QR codes QR Codes can be used on signs, magazines, billboards, buses, business cards, product displays or just about any visual media.

Sign Samples

Van Winkle Signs can provide custom 2D codes for your signage needs.
product sign

We can provide various signage solutions with Qr-code ideas.

Be sure to read  some tips (do's and don'ts) on effectively using 2D codes or ask us for more information."

Inside or outside Van Winkle Signs can meet your business' sign needs with a wide range of stylish products .


2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Unit 


Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1H2 Canada
Tel: (416) 489-0193