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FAQ_ PAGE Van Winkle Signs

Imaginative, Innovative Solutions
Toronto, Ontario

Commercial Sign Example
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We use appropriate materials for the job.
We begin each project by choosing only heavy gauge coated sheet metals and industrial paints or sign grade plywoods and industrial components that discourage premature failure.   We make use of the many new plastics available, especially shatterproof polycarbonates and non-glare acrylic.   If a part is unavailable or unsuitable, our plant will make it.

Before a sign leaves the plant it is fully inspected.   Fabrication, paint finish, and graphics are checked for accuracy, resulting in fewer recalls.

We have developed safe and practical methods to handle most installations.   A careful and methodical approach to each job is taken to ensure safety and minimal disruption to our customers and their clientele.   Lastly, every job site is left clean and tidy.

Put a QR code on your signage or ad and drive people to your website (or favourite social media) for extra information.


Information & Service
We believe that an informed customer is a satisfied customer.  Our staff are fully trained and are able to provide complete support and answers to most client inquiries.


Pie Shack sign Toronto

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2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Unit 51; Toronto, Ontario, M4H 1H2 Canada
Tel: (416) 489-0193