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Van Winkle Signs
Imaginative, Innovative Solutions

Toronto, Ontario


Special Links to signage of interest

Sign Museum gallery - A site dedicated to a history of North American Signs

Shops and Signs in PARIS, Paris Signs circa 1913 through the '30s
Mildred's House of Signage
SignMaker - SignMaker 2.3.1 - Make your own freeway sign, Play Online
Toronto Ghost Signs disappearing from the landscape. Dave Till's Site has moved to Flickr
The value of on-premise signage from the Small Business Administration (SBA) in U.S.
Spacing.ca - A Toronto-based magazine on the joys, obstacles, and politics of the urban landscape. They had a great 'reality' wayfinding gallery, pages seemed to have moved
Lost Knowledge: Sign paintingMAKE magazine article on the art of signpainting and early examples, including vintage building ads, or 'ghost signs'.
Vintage Signage in Toronto - Blogto.com's collection of archival photos.
"What is it about old photographs of cities that we collectively find so compelling?"
Sign Painter film - The director's of this new film travel around the United States to gather stories from the American Sign Painter. They conduct fascinating interviews those who have and still continue to work in the industry and have shaped the way the urban landscape looks.

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