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Wooden Signs

Van Winkle Signs Mission statement

We believe in the integrity of everyone this business involves - our customers, our employees, and our families. We craft a quality product at a fair price, ensuring value for all.

cottage sign, woodWood: Cottage Sign

cottage sign, another wood signResidence or cottage signage

wood sign for residence

Hand-crafted wooden signs to give your cottage, garden, or the end of your driveway a beautiful, slightly rustic touch.
Van Winkle Signs offers a variety of different styles and woods to choose from, as well as the option for hand painted, screen printed, or gold leaf embellishment. Talk to us and together we can design the perfect Cottage Sign for you.

cottage sign, another sample

cottage sign, another sampleGlenview


storefront sign, wood Wood Signs
  • Excellent exterior wood products available, for shaped signs, solid wood or plywood for fascia signs or ground mounted, perfect for storefronts and real estate. See more samples in our  Photo Gallery Album


business sign, wooden hand painted


Period Pieces

Cut Out Letters 

Very popular, in a variety of finishes, both exterior or interior, from very small to very large.

Sandwich board
blue pump sandwich board

Sandwich Boards - Wood

  • Plywood is our material of choice. Heavy and strong, with non rusting aluminum hinge. Primed and painted, usually with vinyl graphics.

menu board sign 

sandwich board


Church signs Vehicle Illuminated signs Artwork Storefront Wayfinding Residential


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